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    Dear friends, bicycle rental service need-a-bike is temporarily CLOSED and currently does not work.

    How expensive
    is the bike rental?

    Bike hiring price in Odessa

    Number of bikes

    Bike type

    Rental period

    The price is 1000 (prices in Ukrainian hryvnias). See current rate.

    Bonuses and discounts

    Free bike delivery for long term orders. Otherwise, the amount of delivery is 80—150 ₴.

    Discounts for rent

    • 3 bicycles and more — 5%
    • 6 bicycles and more — 10%

    Discount for your next bike renting is 10%.

    Discounts are not cumulative.

    Which bike is better to choose?

    The rent cost depends on the bike type and on the hiring period.

    City bikes are generally cheaper, and the mountain bikes (with a gear) – a bit more expensive. If you are not sure which bike to choose, consult with us.

    Please note that bikes have different pledge deposit value.

    Exact information about the hiring cost and the rental pledge deposit for each bike is listed next to its picture in the section Our bicycles.

    How to rent a bike?

    Contact us to arrange the bike rent in advance.

    • Write us
    • 799‑06‑89 (free from payphone)
    • 063 575‑17‑05 Lifecell
    • 066 374‑60‑07 Vodafone
    • 067 727‑33‑09 Kyivstar
    • 094 949‑36‑89 Viber

    To order a bike to be rented be prepared to answer the following questions:

    • rental period;
    • desired bike or bikes;
    • your gender, height, weight.

    We meet each other at the agreed place and time.

    You receive the bike, leaving the required caution money for it.

    In addition to the bike you get the front and rear lights, the lock and the pledge document.

    About us

    We love bicycles and everything, which has to do with cycling, we like people who ride bicycles. Moreover, we love our city!

    We are a mobile bike rental service in Odessa for those, who came to our city for a few days or weeks, who would like to hire a bicycle to see the views of Odessa, get to the beach, spend holidays or weekends actively.

    We wish to see more bicycles, more happy people and breathe fresh air.

    Ulyana, project coordinator
    Alex, coordinator's assistant

    Our advantages

    • Best prices and different types of bicycles, for every taste.
    • Simple and clear bike rental conditions.
    • Multilingual. We speak not only English, but German, Russian and Ukrainian.
    • Mobility. Bicycles can be delivered to the customer to a desired location at a convenient time.
    • Experience. We are working for more than 4 years


    How to find us

    We definitely turned down the idea of a central office. This allows us to work more efficiently for the benefit of the client, our hiring service being easier, simpler and cheaper.

    Contact us

    • Write us
    • 799‑06‑89 (free from payphone)
    • 063 575‑17‑05 Lifecell
    • 066 374‑60‑07 Vodafone
    • 067 727‑33‑09 Kyivstar
    • 094 949‑36‑89 Viber

    To order a bike to be rented be prepared to answer the following questions:

    • rental period;
    • desired bike or bikes;
    • your gender, height, weight.

    Remember to check the terms of bicycle rent.

    See you in Odessa! ;)

    Our bicycles

    #1 Optima — simple and very comfortable for a cycling city bike, aluminum frame, 3-speeds, foot brakes, optimal height is 155–175 cm (5’1"—5’9″). Deposit is 7500 ₴.

    ½ day 1 day 2 days 3 days
    250 ₴ 300 ₴ 550 ₴ 780 ₴

    #2 Optima — simple and very comfortable for a cycling city bike, aluminum frame, 7-speeds, hand brakes, optimal height is 155–175 cm (5’1"—5’9″). Deposit is 6000 ₴.

    ½ day 1 day 2 days 3 days
    250 ₴ 300 ₴ 550 ₴ 780 ₴

    #3 Trek 3700 – mountain bike (MTB), aluminum frame 18″ and 21″, hard-tail, wheels 26″, hand brakes, 21-speeds, optimal height is 160–190 cm (5’3"—6’3″). Deposit is 7500 ₴.

    ½ day 1 day 2 days 3 days
    300 ₴ 350 ₴ 600 ₴ 830 ₴

    #5 GT Aggressor — mountain bike (MTB), aluminum frame size L (19″), hard-tail, wheels 26″, hand brakes, 24-speeds, optimal height is 160–175 cm (5’3"—5’9″). Deposit is 7500 ₴.

    ½ day 1 day 2 days 3 days
    300 ₴ 350 ₴ 600 ₴ 830 ₴

    #7 Merida Cross — hybrid mountain bike, aluminum frame 21″, hard-tail, suspension seatpost, wheels 28″, hand brakes, 24-speeds, optimal height is 180–195 cm (5’11"—6’5″). Deposit is 7500 ₴.

    ½ day 1 day 2 days 3 days
    300 ₴ 350 ₴ 600 ₴ 830 ₴

    #8 Author Trophy – mountain bike (MTB), steel frame 19″ and 21″, hard-tail, wheels 26″, hand brakes, 18-speeds, optimal height is 170–195 cm (5’7"–6’5″). Deposit is 5500 ₴.

    ½ day 1 day 2 days 3 days
    300 ₴ 350 ₴ 600 ₴ 830 ₴

    #9 Houston – city bike, frame size 20″, rigid fork, wheels 26″, hand and foot brakes, 3-speeds, optimal height is 165–180 cm (5’5"—5’11″). Deposit is 6000 ₴.

    ½ day 1 day 2 days 3 days
    250 ₴ 300 ₴ 550 ₴ 780 ₴

    #10 Author Horizon — hybrid mountain bike, aluminum frame 22″, rigid fork, wheels 28″, hand brakes, 24-speeds, optimal height is 185–195 cm (5’9"—6’5″). Deposit is 7500 ₴.

    ½ day 1 day 2 days 3 days
    300 ₴ 350 ₴ 600 ₴ 830 ₴

    #11 Diamant Adamas — simple and graceful city bike, aluminum frame 20″, rigid fork, wheels 28″, hand brakes, 7 speeds, optimal height is 175–185 cm (5’9"—6’1″). Deposit is 7500 ₴.

    ½ day 1 day 2 days 3 days
    250 ₴ 300 ₴ 550 ₴ 780 ₴

    #12 Child seat – the comfortable and safe children’s chair, mounted to rack, weight of the child up to 20 kg (45 lbs). Deposit is 1000 ₴.

    ½ day 1 day 3 days 7 days
    free +80 ₴ +180 ₴ +300 ₴
    Have you chosen a bicycle? Contact us.

    Terms of bicycle rent

    • The bicycle is provided to the client for the duration of hire on the basis of deposit receipt being signed.
    • Client undertakes to keep the bike carefully and return it clean and in working order, without degrading its technical condition. In case of bike or equipment damage, Client is to reimburse the cost of repair and / or cleaning.
    • Having suffered a puncture or a breakdown, Client assumes all the costs of transporting the bike to the rental place.
    • In case of mechanical parts' of the bike contact with sand Client would be subjected to a fine equal to the daily rent.
    • When driving on public roads and routes, Client undertakes to comply with the appropriate statutory traffic regulations, to obey traffic laws.
    • In the event of an accident or a traffic collision involving the rented bike, Client shall be responsible for the damage caused to himself, bicycles, other involved people and objects.
    • In case of loss or theft of a bicycle or equipment Client has the obligation to indemnify for the loss according to the appraised value within the period of the lease.
    • A deposit shall be refunded to the Client upon the compliance with the rental terms and conditions listed above.

    Tips for customers

    Bicycle storage

    Always lock your bike.

    At night, we recommend that you park the bike inside, best in the house or the apartment. Statistically most bicycle thefts occur in the stairwell or in the hallway outside the apartment door, even if the entrance to the building is locked.

    At the day time you shouldn't leave your bike on the same place for a very long time. Try to park or to leave your bike always in sight.

    Speed control on a mountainbike

    Follow this simple rules:

    • Use the speed-shift function only while cycling;
    • Try to change speed when you give minimal pressure on the pedal;
    • Do not change the speed level while cycling uphill, do it before you start the climb;
    • If you want to make a multiple speed shift, please do it consistently, do not skip several levels at once;
    • Avoid chain “distortions”, when the chain is on the smallest cassette of the back and on the front, and vice versa; or try not to use the first and the last cassette of the rear wheel, it may result in chain “distortions” and incorrect speed switching function;

    About bicycle lock keys

    Be careful with the keys for bicycle locks. Take them with you together with your other keys. Our clients keep on losing their lock keys. We have some replacement/spare keys but in case of the loss of a key we have to demand the costs for a new key (300 UAH).

    About bycicle locks

    Do not fasten the chain lock on the frame while driving. This may cause damage to the frame; in this case we would have to deduct the amount which is necessary for repair or painting from your deposit. Keep the locking chain in your backpack / rucksack. If you do not have any backpack, we will be glad to provide you with one.

    Use of the bicycle lamps or dynamo hubs

    When driving in the evening or at night always (!) turn both lights on, the front one and the rear one. Even if you are sure to see perfectly in the dark or the route is well lit with street lights. The bicycle lights are necessary to ensure that other road and traffic users can see you well! Moreover, driving in the dark without front and rear lights is a violation of the traffic rules; you can be stopped by traffic officers, who will require a fine to be paid. Due to the fact that the front light is very easy to remove, it is recommended not to attach it on the bike at daylight. Just take it with you, attaching and using the lights is advised only as soon as it is getting dark.

    Bycicle vs. sand

    We strongly recommend our customers to be very careful with the bikes at the beach. No sand may incur into the driving work of the bicycle (chain mechanism, cassettes and chain rings, wheel and handlebar bush bearings, cluster gear, bottom bracket). Please do not lay the bicycle on the sand! If sand particles will be found in the chain or in the mentioned units, you have to pay a penalty.

    Where may I cycle in Odessa?

    Alas, Odessa has no developed bicycle infrastructure, despite the perfect preconditions for that. But nevertheless, many people prefer to ride bikes in Odessa. On the road it is really possible to ride a bike, but only if you are able to adhere to the unspoken rules “Better let the fool go” and “Who rides a car has always the first word.” The best place to use a bike in Odessa is the “The Health Road” – a five-kilometer road that stretches along the coast and links Odessa's beaches, from Shevchenko Park to Arcadia Beach, cycling down this road is much recommended.

    Take care of your two-wheeled friend and you will enjoy cycling together! Have a nice time in Odessa!


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    I don't want to pay the required pledge deposit, but I can leave my passport or some other document as a pledge, will it go?
    Yes, but we do not welcome the accept of documents or valuables. Such issues are resolved individually.

    What a strange icons on the site, in what currency are the prices?
    Prices are in Ukrainian hryvnia — ₴ or Euro — €. See current rate.

    I would like to rent a bike for long time. How much shall I pay?
    Price of hiring a bicycle for a lonf time will be as agreed.

    Different bikes have different pledge deposit price. Why is it so?
    The deposit may vary depending on the age and the quality of the bike, the newer and better, the higher pledge deposit is required. If you ride a bike not very often, maybe it makes no difference for you, but if you are an enthusiastic, tempted cyclist, we would recommend to take the bikes into consideration, which require a higher deposit.

    I want to order the delivery of the bike right now. Is it possible?
    It is better to agree delivery of the bike on the the day before.

    Will you give me the bicycle lock?
    Yes, we will. Moreover, we provide: a bicycle lock, a headlight, a backlight, a pledge check and, if necessary, a pump and a brand backpack.

    Can I get a helmet, a soft seat, a child seat for the bike, etc.?
    Yes, you can, for an additional fee.

    Are your bikes equipped with pannier racks or baskets? I am eager to ride a bike, but where can I put all my things?
    See the complete bicycle set, included the accessory in the photos. In addition, we can provide you with a small brand backpack to carry the things you need.

    Where is your office?
    We have no office. We want to make the rental conditions as simple as possible. So we bring a bike directly to the customer. Moreover, due to our dispense with office rental costs we are ready to offer you really low prices for hiring a bike.

    I don't want to pay the pledge deposit, but I will pay for insurance, is it possible?
    No, unfortunately not. At the moment, no insurance company in Ukraine makes a bicycle insurance or any insurance policy that covers a bike.

    Can I pay my rent prices in dollars, euros, etc?
    Rent payment is carried out in Ukrainian hryvnias. Deposits can be made in any cash.

    If my bicycle lamp battery is empty, will you deliver a new one for me?
    No, we will not. We provide front and rear lights, the batteries, in case they are needed, must be purchased by the renting person on his/her own.

    Can I rent a motorcycle, a moped or a scooter with your service?
    No. We only offer a bike rental.

    Can you advise me on a bike rental service in another city?
    No. We offer our bicycles to be hired only in Odessa and, unfortunately, we do not know any such services in other cities.

    I have another question.
    Feel free to ask us:

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